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Northcap is a network of agents who share a passion for real estate and a strong desire to provide extraordinary service to our clients. When Northcap was created in 2007, we set out with a vision to enrich the lives of our clients in the Las Vegas area, whether they’re looking to find the perfect place to open their business, great property to invest in, or simply purchase a home.

We strive, every day, to build a rich culture centered around open communication, sharing new, innovative ideas, and helping each other grow both in business and in life. Our success comes to us because we have set ourselves apart from the pack, prizing diversity and open discussion to build a bright future for Northcap. We dedicate ourselves to upholding our personal honor and integrity; to pushing our limits so we can achieve higher goals; to being our best, always.

We know what so many real estate companies don’t: when we work together we are stronger and better than we are on our own. We see setbacks as opportunities to try something new. We know there are no limits to what we

If you don't know where to start, and you are thinking about how to get your real estate license, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

You can call Audrey at 702.763.6786 to get more details.  We hope you look forward to joining a winning team at Northcap Residential!

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