Romy Ashjian




A natural born leader, Romy is honest, hardworking and resourceful. A California native, at the age of fourteen, Romy starting working in her family’s companies organizing all of their accounting by scratch while increasing sales and creating outlined job descriptions for new hires-Always working herself out of a job title! 

A world-class traveler, Romy has a natural eye for Luxury Real Estate and is up to date with all of the desired living areas of the city. While residing in Southern California, Romy worked directly with United States Trustees and court-appointed attorneys to organize, and host Luxury Estate Sales and Corporate Business Liquidations. 

Today, she is using her experience combined with her newfound passion for Luxury Real Estate and taking her skill set full forward by connecting Clients with the Estates of their dreams. Romy is the “source of the source”, the “go-to girl” for all of your luxury properties. Kind, Loyal, and hard working- Romy is working from our Corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada.